Welcome to Classroom 7!

Hello Classroom 7 Parents,   

Welcome to the new school year! I so appreciate that, with all of the schools available in the Valley, you have chosen Desert Garden Montessori. Having started at Desert Garden Montessori in August 2000, I have many individuals ask me what keeps me here at Desert Garden. This nurturing and supportive environment is what keeps me returning as a Montessori educator. Oh, and of course the children, too! There is no other professional career I see myself doing. This is my happy place and I am excited to start another year with you.  

Also partnering with us is Ms. Dulce Valenzuela. She and I will be Lead Teacher and Assistant again this school year. Dulce and I have a special camaraderie and we work so very well together. Our genuine care for each other help us serve your children well.  Dulce is bilingual and will bring Spanish into the classroom through songs, books, lessons, games, and familiar and everyday phrases.     

We know we will serve the needs of the children well in the areas of connection, socialization, and age-appropriate academics. With your continuous support, we will thrive in this new normal. 

I also want you to know that I am not just here for the children, I am here for you as well. I believe in open and honest communication.  Though our face to face contact will be very limited, through email and phone calls, we will stay connected. Now more than ever it will be vital for our relationship to be transparent in order for us to best serve your child and your family as a whole. My contact information is pshupp@desertgardenmontessori.org. Please also keep an eye on the Classroom 7 page on our website for additional updates on our communication systems.  

I am looking forward to seeing you soon!  


Peggy Shupp 

Lead Teacher-Classroom 7  

Desert Garden Montessori