Karen Hurlbert

Director of Admissions

Karen Hurlbert has been at Desert Garden since 2006 when she spent a year in the classroom before being recruited for the Administration team. She served as the Director of Development for several years before taking on her current role as Director of Admissions in 2012. Karen holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Connecticut and has extensive training and experience working with children and adults learning English as a second language. She spent a year in Mexico where she taught 3rd and 5th grade in a bilingual school and adult classes at the local University. In addition to her educational experience, Karen has 10 years of Strategic Planning and Project Management experience in the insurance industry and in the non-profit sector.  

As Director of Admissions, Karen is responsible for outreach and recruitment, shepherding incoming families through the admissions process, managing placement and movement from program to program and providing support for all families throughout their tenure at DGM. She manages FACTS, DGM’s tuition billing system, DGM’s scholarship & financial aid programs and is the liaison for families working with School Tuition Organizations. Karen works closely with the Executive Director to grow, enhance and expand the impact, reach and accessibility of Montessori education across the Valley.