Welcome to Upper Elementary – Classroom 10!

Dear Parents of UE Classroom 10, 

Welcome to the Upper Elementary! We are happy to inform you that with the growth in our program, we will have two classrooms this year, the UE Tower and UE Classroom 10.  

I am so thrilled to be back as co-lead teacher of the Upper Elementary program along with Ms. Christine.  We will continue to teach in tandem this year for Math, Geometry, and Language Arts, Social Studies, Spanish and Science lessons in both environments.  We love delving into the arts to make assignments more fun for the students while engaging their higher order thinking skills. We are passionate in pursuing not only your child’s academic growth, but also their socio-emotional development.  

Ms. Karen will continue to be our assistant to oversee the student’s practice goals, follow-up on direct instruction during the practicing phase, and support the other lead in student assessment. Daily numeracy and language tasks keep their skills sharp as they learn numerous things in Upper Elementary that aid with their academic proficiency. The teachers will also guide the children in their Passion Projects and Literature Studies.  

Upper Elementary is a dynamic level full of exploration, growth and realizations of understanding. Your children of 9 to 12 years old are now at an age where they seek to answer questions about themselves and learn about their boundaries, while challenging their previous parameters of existence. To foster this increase, our teaching approach uses Socratic questioning to challenge their intellect, while employing narratives in our lessons to inspire them to imagine, discern and delve deeper about the theories we share. Fostering reflection and thoughtful conversation aid the children during this sensitive age of questioning.  

Our program is active, following closely your child’s need for independence. In the fall, we go on a 3-day campout to northern Arizona to promote team building and to challenge them to care for themselves while away from home. We go on a weeklong trip out of state or “field study” at the end of year where the students take command of every aspect of the expedition– from projection of logistics, group efforts in meal management, preference of daily activities to best experience the history, culture, flora and fauna of the state, financial planning, to self-care and mentorship during the trip. We have a lot of fun in the process and the students come out empowered in the end! 

To promote collaboration between the two classrooms, Ms. Christine and I will be co-teaching History and Science to all the Upper Elementary students in the afternoon. This year, our cultural theme is Early Humans, taught by Ms. Christine.  I will be leading the program in science units are Botany and Earth Science.  Lunch, Specials and Recess will also be done collectively. 

We are continuing to use our Transparent Classroom software system for weekly activity reports and progress reports.  We will be using regular email for all other parent-teacher communication. You can email me at lbernard@desertgardenmontessori.org. In order for us to serve your child during the school day, please allow for a 24-hour turnaround time from teachers.  In case of an emergency, please contact the front office. 

We look forward to an outstanding year filled with joyful moments and excellence of learning! Thank you for your trust and partnership.  

With Warm Regards,
Ms. Lauren