Classroom 8 October Project

What a bloody day!

Classroom 8 made blood today! Studying the Human Body this month is the best! I wanted the children to understand the four key parts of the blood.

We then set about with a quick experiment, the aim of which was to help the children to visualize the four different parts: plasma (water colored yellow), red blood cells (cheerios colored red), white blood cells (mini marshmallows), and platelets (purple pipe cleaners).

It was a really easy experiment to do and the children loved it!

Happy Autumn,

Ms. Majo

About the Author:
Ms. Majo is the Lead Teacher in Primary Classroom 8.  She has been with Desert Garden Montessori since 2014.  She has a BA in Administration and Finance from Universidad Panamericana and an AMS Primary Montessori teacher Certification.