Adele Bovis

MYHS Lead Teacher

Ms. Adele Bovis is joining the MYHS team for 2022-2023 and is delighted to get started! Although she has spent the past three years teaching in northern New Mexico, she’s now ready to embrace the enduring sunny days of the low desert. This year she’s excited to advance her students’ knowledge in math and Spanish while also helping to develop their college and career readiness. A Marylander originally, Ms. Adele has also lived in Peru and England; consequently, she believes that education should foster critical thinking, independence, and global awareness in students. She is a certified AVID educator who holds a Master’s in Cross-Cultural Communication and Education as well as dual Bachelor’s degrees in Spanish and Philosophy. Ms. Adele is a lifelong learner: when she’s not enthusiastically talking about functions she can be found studying languages and practicing new dance steps.