Dear Parents and Students,

As we prepare to begin the upcoming school year, I wanted to connect and share what is unfolding. Together, Ms. Chelsey and I are joining forces to co-teach The Wellness Wheel for Life education program. This program consists of sustainability and edible education, with an emphasis on wellness. The Wellness Wheel for Life curriculum takes into account the whole child (body, mind, and spirit) including all aspects of lifestyle. These interactive classes will take place in the garden, The Wellness Café, and in our organic kitchen.

The Wellness Wheel for Life education program encourages students to:

  • Nurture a positive relationship with food, our bodies and our Earth
  • Connect to nature, local community and each other
  • Learn how to grow, prepare and eat real living foods from the Earth
  • Establish life-long healthy habits
  • Discover the joy and beauty in creating with our hands
  • Understand how our everyday choices affect the environment, the climate and our planet
  • Develop a wide variety of practical life skills that can be applied to future jobs and careers

The Wellness Café

As part of our wellness initiative, our education café has a new name. The Wellness Café mission is to help students nurture a positive relationship with food, our bodies, and our Earth, connect with community and establish life-long healthy habits in a joyful and engaging environment. The Wellness Café will be open from 7:30 – 8:30am and 2 – 4pm, Monday – Friday. Internship opportunities are available for Lower Elementary all the way through MYHS.


Another exciting addition is a new greenhouse sponsored by True Garden where students will grow fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables using vertical tower gardens. Tower Gardens are aeroponic systems that can grow produce year round in a variety of spaces. They use 95% less water and grow much faster than traditional gardening, making them ideal for small urban settings. Desert Garden children will have the opportunity to plant seeds and care for the tower gardens in our new greenhouse as well as harvest and eat the produce!

Ms. Chelsey and I are so excited to collaborate; each of us brings unique skills and backgrounds to this revolutionary program. We are passionate about helping children learn about the power of growing and preparing our own food, taking care of our bodies, minds, spirits, souls and the earth and living their healthiest lives possible!


Ms. Cassie & Ms Chelsey