Shetal Walters

Executive Director

Shetal Walters is the founder and Executive Director / Head of School of Desert Garden Montessori. Ms. Shetal started the school in her living room in 1996 and has devoted her energy and care to its growing community of students and families ever since. Ms. Walters holds an M.S. in Counseling and a B.S. in Liberal Arts; her professional experience includes counseling families, couples and individuals, but her most valuable skills are in bringing people together, and she is most motivated by the work of building community while educating children. Ms. Shetal enjoys traveling, music from ‘80s to Motown, banana-protein smoothies, and she has a different favorite color from day to day. She loves best her dogs, three children, and her husband, whom she’s been dating since age 15. 

As Executive Director, Ms. Shetal is fully responsible for the execution and preservation of the mission set forth by Desert Garden Montessori School. Her general responsibility is to create and sustain an ongoing Montessori Educational program with full authenticity. School growth and enhancing the programs to fulfill best practice for students to prepare them for Education for Tomorrow are central to her daily duties. Building community partnerships, working with various educational institutions, cultivating lasting relationships with alumni, current parents and staff are core to her role as Executive Director.