Steady! Steady!

The children of Classroom 1 have invented a new game!

At recess lately, many of the children are gathering in the Amphitheater to play “Steady! Steady!”  How do you play “Steady! Steady!” you may ask??

Steady! Steady!

There is a judge and the judge yells “Steady!” with their hands up.  Meanwhile, the rest of the children spin around in circles with their arms out.  When any of the children get dizzy and fall over, the judge and the rest of the children rush over and ask “Are you okay?”

They each ask the child if they are okay and then they help them up.  Everyone resumes their places and then the Judge yells, “Spin!”  And they start back at the beginning.

Is there a better feeling?

The first time I watched the game I could not stop smiling.  Is there a better feeling than spinning around without abandon?  Yes.  The feeling of having everyone check on you when your spinning makes you lose your balance and fall over. 🙂

Happy Autumn,
Ms. Katie

Katie BoothAbout the Author:
Ms. Katie is the Lead Teacher in Primary Classroom 1.  She has been in the Montessori classroom since 2008 and an AMS certified Primary Lead since 2011.