Here Comes the Magic!

With things getting settled and the kids (and teachers) getting used to their new routines, now we can really start our Magic!

Over these last few weeks, we have been working hard to get to know your child.  We have been working on social and emotional support as well as supporting our online learners with setting up their shelves.  Oh yeah, and lots of hand washing, too!

Thank you all so much for being patient with us while learning our new systems and allowing us time to get used to the new procedures during this time.

Transparent Classroom

Transparent Classroom has been a new and fun way to communicate with all of you and we hope you are feeling the same. Please let us know if you are struggling or have any questions about it.


Zoom has been a lifesaver in allowing us to get a face-to-face interaction with you and your child — especially since we can’t do this with everyone on campus right now.  For our Online Learners, in case you can’t join your Zoom meetings in realtime, we will be setting up a secure space where you can view these at your convenience. We will update you as soon as it’s ready to go!

Since we have children on campus and online right now, we are sharing with parents a curriculum that can be supported both at home and school. It has been really fun sharing ideas with all of you on Transparent Classroom and being able to provide you with some simple activities and insight on the Infant and Toddler Montessori Curriculum and philosophy, too.

September Curriculum

The Month of September’s Curriculum can be found on the website, if you need to refer to it at any time. When we created this curriculum, we had to think about all of the kids’ ages and development, and then pull in things that would spark interest.

We change the pictures on the walls in the class to unconsciously give the children a sense of Fall. Apples are introduced and explored in a variety of ways. Colors, shapes, and farm animals compose some of the materials on the shelves.

Soon your child will be singing songs and refining skills as well as showing huge signs of independence and self-care, too We are so excited to be back and are looking forward to an amazing year! 

With Love,
The Infant/Toddler Team

Ms. HillaryAbout the Author:
Ms. Hillary Stewart is the Distance Learning Coordinator for the Infant & Toddler Programs