Black History Month – Diversity

The Impact of Diversity

As we enter Black History Month, have you ever thought about diversity and the impact it could have on your child, let alone your infant or toddler?

Research has shown, by the age of 3, a child’s mind has already developed racial biases due to exposure from media and day-to-day experiences with unconscious segregation. At Desert Garden Montessori, we follow Maria Montessori’s teaching in introducing topics of culture and diversity to promote positive messages on race and differences — ultimately, creating a more empathetic and caring child with positive life experiences and confidence within themselves as they get older.  

We Celebrate

We celebrate Black History Month and continue to share our differences, promote inclusion allowing your child, or any child, to embrace the world and others around them. 

Our infant and toddler program supports an awareness to diversity and inclusion by embracing Black History Month, and continuing throughout the year by: 

  • Photos hung on the walls or in books including pictures that look like them.  
  • Sharing with them who we are, who they are. This is as simple as celebrating different eye colors as well as skin.  
  • Incorporate different languages into the curriculum to celebrate those who may speak another at home. 
  • We lead by example, loving and providing equal care to all the children. 
  • We make conscious efforts in creating and adding work or activities that visually represent all sorts of people, families, and cultures. 
  • We celebrate all cultures and incorporate traditions as they arise. 
  • We provide them with organic foods and a menu that embrace diverse cultures. 

Windows & Mirrors

Does your environment or curriculum represent windows and mirrors?

Windows meaning the children get to learn about children from whom they are different in the world and outside their homes. Mirrors meaning that they get to see themselves and their differences as part of the culture and learning environment.

With Love,
The Infant/Toddler Team

Ms. HillaryAbout the Author:
Ms. Hillary Stewart is the Distance Learning Coordinator for the Infant & Toddler Programs