Emotional Healing

The process of emotional healing requires us to tend the garden of our consciousness.

First we have to clear out the weeds of negative thinking and negative emotions we have allowed to take root. Our awareness is clouded with judgments, self-criticism, and regret. We need to create a quiet, tranquil and clear space within us. Then we fertilize the potent soil of our inner world with holy, unfragmented, wholesome, and healthy thoughts. When our heart is quiet and pure, it becomes a fertile field for Divine consciousness to blossom.

Conscious Cleanse

This is called Conscious Cleanse. It is a way to purify and rejuvenate the soil of our inner world. It is vital to take time out to weed and tend to the soil of our psyche to clean out, to stabilize it so it is fertile to grow new seeds- the seeds of our higher and nobler desire. To change, we need to be aware of what we need to change and do it. Cleansing is both letting go and taking in.


Reflect on the people you have affected in a negative way. Recall the words, phrases or statements you had used – the arrows you had thrown towards them. Such words darken the light of our consciousness or build up toxicity in our consciousness. Such words or statements create little black beads in our awareness. How much our energy gets drained by such toxicity?

Now reflect on the toxic things you have said to yourself. How many black beads are there? How thick are they? How are they affecting you and others in your life? How will you cleanse your consciousness?

Clean the Inside of Your Own Dish

Reflect on the wise saying by Matthew, “Clean the inside of our own dish.” and by Luke, “ Physician, heal thyself.” And the wise saying of the Buddha, “Polish your inner mirror to see your Being.” And the saying by an ancient Vedic sage: “ The essence of spiritual living lies within us.”

We must move to the laboratory of meditation and contemplation where radical changes occur inside our mind, heart, and cells of the body.

With Love,
Dr. JP Davé

Dr. DaveAbout the Author:
As a member of our iTeam, Dr. Jagdish P. Davé , Ph.D., Psy.D. is a consultant, counselor, and educator at DGM.  Dr. Davé also teaches Science of Happiness to our Middle School students while integrating mindfulness into all areas of the curriculum.